Meet Tracy

Tracy (they/them) is the founder of Nested Feng Shui, a consulting business that brings balance to private and corporate clients' spaces using holistic feng shui and yoga philosophies with evidence-based digital wellness research so they optimize, transform, and achieve their goals with ease.


Tracy graduated from the University of California San Diego with a specialized B.A. in Storytelling in 2017 and then continued their education studying intensively with Alana Cruz from The International Feng Shui School, founded by Amanda Collins and immediately founded Nested Feng Shui. Tracy is grateful to have worked with clients in the beautiful cities of Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, various parts of Los Angeles and San Francisco, before moving to NYC with their partner in 2019. 


Tracy is currently based in Brooklyn, NY working remotely with virtual clients and corporations navigating work from home during COVID-19. 

Tracy's Journey 

Tracy's personal wellness journey began with yoga. They began practicing in 2007 focused on asana based practices like Hatha, vinyasa, and yin and embarked on their 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 learning more about yogic philosophy and specializing in teaching alignment and play-based asana practices like Iyengar and yoga-for-kids.   

Yoga led to exploring other movement modalities like ecstatic dance and eventually Tracy trained in JourneyDance, an expressive movement modality allowing dancers to embody mind, body, and spirit.  Tracy taught classes at a local gym and highschool. 


Wanting to meld scholarship with wellness Tracy created a Storytelling Major at the University of Califonia San Diego graduating with a specialized Bachelors of Arts in Storytelling in 2017. 


Creating a major allowed Tracy to take a diverse array of classes in anthropology, philosophy, religion, art history, psychology, visual and fine arts, and ethnic studies.

Tracy's Storytelling Thesis and Project can be found here. 

After University, Tracy created a Storytelling Centric Integrative Art Curriculum for an elementary school, working with K-3.


After teaching elementary schoolers and imploring them to flow their spark and passion, Tracy began to revisit decorating, directing, and noticing how environment and space affect wellness. They enrolled in an intensive studying with the International Feng Shui School in fall 2017. That same year Tracy launched Nested Feng Shui working with clients in Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Cardiff, as well as being flown out to help with homes in San Francisco.  

Working with feng shui clients in the classical style Tracy began to notice a pattern of clients initially feeling great, falling back into their same "stuck" energy after a month or two. Tracy realized this was because of the spaces they had not balanced and feng shuied, their digital spaces.


Already interested in the tech-life balance discussion because of a six-year hiatus from social media apps and a TED Talk by Tristan Harris called "how a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day" Tracy sought out others interested in the effects and development of smartphone, tv's, and laptops and joined the Digital Wellness Collective in 2017.


To begin to bring digital wellness to Nested Feng Shui Tracy started with their own digital spaces, seeing if they could use feng shui to make them more usable, and then introduced small shifts to their clients. 

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