About Digital Feng Shui


new spaces 

same feng shui principals: 


balance, optimize, and transform your

relationship to technology

The Goal of Digital Feng Shui

Balance technology with life for overall harmony

This body of work is based on Tracy's

- Mutidispilanry studies at the University of California San Diego

- Feng Shui with the International Feng Shui School

- Digital Wellness with the Digital Wellness Institute and working with the Digital Wellness Collective

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What is "Digital Space?"

Digital spaces are areas (usually related to technology) where we "spend" time.


For most people, digital spaces include social media, computer desktops, browser tabs, digital folders, phones, home screens, video games, Netflix, Hulu, and many more technology-screen-based spaces.

Do your digital spaces affect you?

 Take the free Digital Flourishing Survey survey, based on the newest scientific findings on what type of phone, screen, and social media use leads to the best outcomes for a consumer’s mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. 

Email your name, age, city, and what you hope to accomplish with a digital feng shui consultation

To bring balance and ease to digital spaces Tracy utilizes their digital wellness studies with the Digital Wellness Institute and Digital Wellness Collective to blend centries old tried and true feng shui practices with the most recent research on technology and tech-life balance.


Tracy blends feng shui's with digital wellness craft individualized solutions for improved mental and physical health.


Digital Feng Shui focuses on optimizing how our whole being (body, mind, and spirit) can harmoniously co-exist and evolve from the physical to integrating the digital and remain human while using technology. 

Why you need Tracy...

The "rapid growth of technology has caused a decline in the quality of our focus, productivity, and health of our relationships" according to the Digital Wellness Collective.


Tracy is uniquely qualified to balance technology in both digital spaces (desktops, home screens, digital files, tabs, etc) and physical spaces (homes, offices, bedrooms) because of their feng shui + digital wellness training and expertise. 


Tracy studied with the first cohort at the Digital Wellness Institue in 2020. Tracy was a founding member of the Digital Wellness Collective in 2016, attended the first Digital Wellness Summit in 2017, as well as, co-authored the first Digital Wellness Day Tool Kit 2020.


Tracy combines feng shui philosophy with the evolving discussion of tech-life balance for effective strategies to ensure optimized environments that 

ensuring support rather than strain by the modern world. 

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Does your child struggle to set down their iPad? Feel like your child is never outside? Group sessions, school talks, or individual consultations available.  

Business Conference


Working from home? Computers and desk placement to optimize the work environment for prosperity and abundance. Increase clients. Group or individual consultations available. 

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Worried you spend too much time scrolling through the phone?  Stiff back from sitting with your laptop on your lap? Group sessions, school talks, or individual consultations available.  

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One-on-one coaching for de-cluttering and shifting your home and digital environments to support your goals. 

Modern Office


Digital Feng Shui classes for staff, office feng shui classes, and/or coaching, shifting the physical and digital work environments to support your goals. 

Digital Feng Shui Teaching and Talks for...

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