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Feng Shui and Digital Wellness

The "rapid growth of technology has caused a decline in the quality of our focus, productivity, and health of our relationships" according to the Digital Wellness Collective.  

Feng Shui is about balancing a space (home, office, room) so we feel more connected to ourselves, our bodies, and our surroundings. At Nested Feng Shui this includes the digital realm. How can we optimize our time and the attention we give to screens in the 21st century? 

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Tracy E.

Lineage and Training

Tracy (they/them) founded Nested Feng Shui after studying with Alana Cruz from The International Feng Shui School. Tracy's lineage is from Amanda Collins who studied under Master Sang at the American Feng Shui Institue. Tracy is continuing their studies with an Advanced Feng Shui Mastery course with Kartar Diomondtr, as well as being part of the first Digital Wellness Institute cohort studying ways to optimize tech-life balance. With these two sets of advanced studies, Tracy is beginning to be the foremost expert on how to weave the balance into both the physical and digital realms. Tracy is based in Brooklyn, NY. currently accepting corporate and private clients virtually during COVID to balance their spaces and set them up for success in this brave new world. 


To Infinity and Balance (Feng Shui for Children)

"To Infinity and Balance" is an extension of Nested Feng Shui's interest in digital wellness combined with Tracy's background with children. These Feng Shui consultations are specifically for children and teens. Together we reevaluate their wants and how their space and technology can be integrated into said space to supposed their goals. Though intentional tidying up and decorating children and teens can shift their patterns and habits, especially around digital wellness and in regards to screen time and sleep. Feng Shui for children increases a child's likelihood to take responsibility for their space and leave their technology at the door. 

Feng Shui for High-School Seniors

Transitioning from child to adult is a big step. Before embarking on new adventures let go of unnecessary baggage, learn the freedom of only inviting in objects and belongings which bring joy. Blending the KonMarie method with Feng Shui wisdom, Nested Feng Shui offers an comprehensive assistance with decluttering and downsizing childhood bedrooms before moving onto college or other post-graduate adventures.


Bedrooms need to be de-cluttered and clear to make room for the new exciting adventures ahead. During this delicate time as a high-school senior, it can be helpful to have a guide to hold space for letting go of unnecessary baggage in the form of old clothes,  and knickknacks. Move into the next phase of your life with only objects that spark joy. 

"When there is light in the soul, 
There is beauty in the person. 


When there is beauty in the person, 
There is harmony in the home. 


When there is harmony in the home, 
There is honor in the nation.


When there is honor in the nation, 
There is peace in the world."

~Chinese Proverb

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My personal space has been forever transformed artfully and mindfully into the room of my dreams. Tracy did an amazing job illuminating new organizational options for large furniture to catalyze transformation and growth in my life. So far, I feel much more at peace in my space. She is so talented and willing to share her wisdom with an open heart.

Gavriella R


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