Welcome to Your New Home



we are taking a new approach

to feng shui 

yoga + feng shui + digital wellness 

Physical & Digital BALANCE

Yoga at Home

by 1. establishing wants and needs 

Image by Leone Venter

2. clearing space 

(physically and digitally)

3. supporting your balanced lifestyle

(to optimize achieving your intentions and goals, using...)

feng shui


digital wellness

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you will...

1. feel safe

2. have space to settle

3. cultivate flow and harmony 

with both physical and digital environments

for greater integrity

Make a Wish

My personal space has been forever transformed artfully and mindfully into the room of my dreams. Tracy did an amazing job illuminating new organizational options for large furniture to catalyze transformation and growth in my life. So far, I feel much more at peace in my space.

Tracy is so talented and willing to share their wisdom with an open heart.

Gavriella R

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