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Hello, I am Tracy

I help my private and corporate clients optimize their physical and digital environments to be beautiful and balanced. 

​My journey began with yoga and storytelling. I completed 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. The holistic approach of yoga led me to craft a Storytelling Major at the University of California San Diego. While in school, I enjoyed practicing interior design and feng shui on friends and families' space; so after graduating, I invested in studying feng shui with the International Feng Shui School. 

In my first year of feng shui work, I noticed that my carefully prescribed feng shui remedies often were negatively impacted by their digital spaces (smartphones, email inboxes, television, and social media). These digital spaces detracted from balance and negatively impacted my client's overall wellbeing, so I began to blend feng shui with digital wellness research to optimize wellness around digital technologies. With my interest in tech-life balance and the digital realm's effects overall on humanity, in 2017, I became an early member of the Digital Wellness Collective.


With the shift to virtual work in 2020, I am pioneering a new-holistic approach to balancing digital spaces for optimized wellness called "Digital Feng Shui."  I coach clients one-on-one and teach it at the Digital Wellness Institute.


As a feng shui consultant, my mission is balance. Feng shui is optimization through observation, specifically observing and mimicking how natures' equilibrium

In addition to teaching, I give talks on work-life balance, office feng shui, safe spaces, and digital laundry.  


In summary, to help private and corporate clients build better balance, flow, and ease, I had to address the elephant in the room, technology. At Nested Design, you get a unique and holistic way to blend personal stories and interior design with feng shui principles and digital wellness research to "remedy" (as we say in feng shui) and balance the physical and digital spaces we inhabit.

Ready for a redesign? 

Nested Design is unique because it incorporates digital wellnesss+ feng shui & yogic philosphy into each design.