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About Us

More Than Interior Design

Nested Design began during the pandemic with Nested Feng Shui clients asking for advice on how to handle - technology, decluttering,  and interior design transformations in addition to feng shui advice. 

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Nested Design works virtually and in person with clients and is quickly growing. In 2022 Nested Design began collaborations with other designers and consultants who are excited to meet the demand for design expertise focused on balancing spaces to support transformation. 

Meet The Team


Tracy E. McDowell

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Founder Nestedesign

Interior Designer 

Feng Shui Consultant

Digital Feng Shui Teacher at the Digital Wellness Institute 

UCSD Graduate 

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Tara Gruchalski

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Artistic Consultant

Contributing Artist





Nina Hersher

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Author Digital Wellness: Your Playbook for Surviving Thriving in the Remote Work Era

CEO Digital Wellness Institute

MSW Washington University in St. Louis