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 A Platfrom for Post Modern Polymaths

A polymath is "a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning."  


Have you heard this phrase, “a jack of all trades is a master of none," but it continues with... "but oftentimes better than a master of one?”


Nested Design hopes to reframe polymath as it was originally intended, a compliment, meaning that a person is who a generalist rather than a specialist, that is versatile and adept at many things, is valuable.

Nested Design is a collection of conscious creators, artists, and designers' works' and projects committed to balance and transformation.

At Nested Design we encourage polymaths to create holistically because exploring unity for themselves means greater peace, harmony, and balance for all living beings.

Our Story

Nested Design evolved from the Nested Feng Shui motto balance to transform. Nested Feng Shui was started in 2017 by Tracy E. McDowell (they/them) after graduating from UCSD and completing their Feng Shui Master Training with the International Feng Shui School. What began as one-on-one in-person home consultations for love, money, and space-clearing, grew into larger talks for businesses, corporations, and schools on feng shui for the home office in 2020 due to the pandemic. 


As Tracy's personal feng shui and business practice grew they noticed a trend in clients' feng shui remedies needing to include technologies' effects on the home, office, and overall life. Tracy invested in learning about ethical technology development, the effects of smartphones and laptops, and the novel idea at the time of digital wellness. They were at the first Digital Wellness Summit in 2017, helped launch the first Digital Wellness Day in 2019 and co-authored the Digital Wellness Day Handbook, and are now is certified as a Digital Wellness Educator and teach the Module on Digital Feng Shui at the Digital Wellness Institute. 

While working to blend feng shui and digital wellness Tracy met fellow creative Tara Gruchalski (they/them), a UCLA trained artist who works in multimedia and mystic arts. Tara's similar interest in balance, transformation, and a holistic-polymath approach resulted in the two collaborating creative endeavors like logos, branding, upcycled fashion, content creation, and marketing, as well as Tea.n.tarot.


As the need for designers and creatives who focus on upcycling (and a holistic approach) increases Tracy and Tara are expanding Nested Design to include other like-minded creatives, could that be you?

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