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I have worked with private and corporate clients on how to achieve equilibrium in their homes and digital spaces, as well as delivered interior design for wellness offices for physicians, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and beauty salons.


Whatever you are imagining it can benefit from feng shui style optimization for ease and abundance

Want to flourish in the Digital Age?

I teach Digitial Feng Shui at the Digital Wellness Institute

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Happy Clients


My personal space has been forever transformed artfully and mindfully into the room of my dreams. Tracy did an amazing job illuminating new organizational options for large furniture to catalyze transformation and growth in my life. So far, I feel much more at peace in my space. Tracy is so talented and willing to share their wisdom with an open heart.

— Gavriella R

Tracy has a gift for teaching you how to live in your home. Tracy completely transformed my space and my life. Everyone who enters comments on the space. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants to live here. I’ve never had so many people find a reason to stay or return. A Tracy Transformation goes far beyond the space and the décor. They changes your soul. Get ready to live more fully, more completely, more luxuriously, more rested, more you.

— Rick Burrera

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