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blending yoga + storytelling+  feng shui + digital wellness  


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the nestedesign modalities 

Interior Design rooted in your intuition (wants and needs) for your home, office, and other personal spaces.


Schedule Interior Design Intake with Tracy to create beautiful optimized, spaces


Digital Wellness is the optimum state of health and well-being that each individual using technology is capable of achieving.

Tracy teaches Digital Feng Shui and is certified in Digital Wellness by the Digital Wellness Institute. Tracy also writes for the Digital Wellness Collective Publication

For one-on-one digital wellness, tech-life-balance coaching schedule your free Q&A call here

Tracy has given Digital Wellness Talks on "tech-artistry" a concept created with musical artist and co-speaker Emma Sameth called Composing the Cyber Self to Music Schools and Ground like Berklee School of Music. To schedule a talk please email

Balance your Cyber Self with Digital Laundry




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Feng Shui is a Chinese practice about balance. Tracy is committed to their study and integration of feng shui into their design and digital wellness work.  


Tracy studied and is certified by the International Feng Shui School in 2017 and has worked with feng shui clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York City balancing their personal spaces. 

Schedule a Home Audit to upgrade and optimize your space using feng shui principles. 

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